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How To Send A Prank Text Message with Node.js and Twilio API

Have you ever wondered how to send a prank text message to your friends, family, or even yourself? It’s easier than you think! It only requires rudimentary programming skills and a quick Twilio account registration to get started. In this tutorial, I will show you how to leverage the Twilio API and Node.js to send SMS and MMS messages to yourself, and maybe some of your fun-loving friends! READ THIS BEFORE YOU BEGIN! Read more →

Using Ngrok and Node.js to share our localhost publicly

Running apps locally on our own computers is great for development, but there are many cases where software developers such as us would want to show off our work with people outside our network! Maybe we are working on a prototype or a feature request, maybe we do not have a server to deploy to, or maybe we are behind a restrictive corporate firewall or network. Whatever the reason, there is a way to still expose our app to the work with a public URL: ngrok! Read more →

jQuery – Find event handlers for a DOM element

As a JavaScript developer, you will eventually find yourself debugging code someone else wrote. Unit tests only cover so much and most tests are written in an isolated environment. The truth in JS is when an application is running. When using third-party libraries and code you haven’t written (legacy code), it is useful to be able to figure out what’s going on before implementing a new feature or fixing buggy code. Read more →