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Valid AngularJS Directives

Believe it or not, the following examples are valid AngularJS directives: It starts off as normal as can be… We’ll start off by creating a simple Angular module. var App = angular.module('awesomeApp', []); Usually, you will see Angular developers automatically placing the ng-app directive on the tag. In our case, we only want to manage what’s inside this particular element. <div ng-app="awesomeApp"></div> Angular is going to have control over the DOM elements contained within this div. Read more →

Online Code Editors – Essential tools for collaboration, prototyping, and development

Here’s a list of code editors you can use in your browser for fun, experimentation, and collaboration: jsFiddle – My favorite online code editor for Javascript/CSS. Embeddable, free, and built-in live collaboration. “Throw it in a jsFiddle” – my new catchphrase. CodePen – A front-end developer’s dream. Founded in part by Chris Coyier (the CSS-Tricks guru), CodePen is actively developed and widely used. The front page is filled with inspiration, and they support straight-up HTML/CSS/JS along with HAML, Markdown, Slim, Jade, SASS, LESS, Coffeescript, and many other front-end technologies. Read more →