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Online Code Editors – Essential tools for collaboration, prototyping, and development

Here’s a list of code editors you can use in your browser for fun, experimentation, and collaboration: jsFiddle – My favorite online code editor for Javascript/CSS. Embeddable, free, and built-in live collaboration. “Throw it in a jsFiddle” – my new catchphrase. CodePen – A front-end developer’s dream. Founded in part by Chris Coyier (the CSS-Tricks guru), CodePen is actively developed and widely used. The front page is filled with inspiration, and they support straight-up HTML/CSS/JS along with HAML, Markdown, Slim, Jade, SASS, LESS, Coffeescript, and many other front-end technologies. Read more →

My ideal interview is a representation of what daily programming work will actually look like. Look, we can throw problems at interviewees that are Leeetcode Hard. We can find candidates that will excel at these types of problem. There are plenty of courses and programs out there that train people how to ace their interviews. After jumping over these hurdles, a framework like Angular can still make these people jump to StackOverflow for even the most basic problems. Read more →